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Protect yourself better with the Multicam range of tactical gear
Airsoft is an urban warfare game that involves a lot of shooting light weight projectiles at each other during intense war like conditions. While this is just a game, the damage done by an errant projectile to a delicate organ like the eye may just be permanent. For this reason it is compulsory for every player to be dressed in full protection gear while they are in the active battle area. Multicam offers a complete range of tactical gear that is meant to protect every inch of your body while still allowing a full range of body movement. These tactical gears are meant to help you enjoy the game in a completely immersive manner without having to worry about any kind of injury from the flying projectiles.

All Multicam products are top of the line and are designed specially to stop light weight projectiles from piercing through the security equipment. They protect all sensitive areas like the eyes, nose, and ears from getting hit by projectiles that may break the skin. Heavier projectiles are sometimes used in some games after all participants have agreed upon them and in this case full body armour in the form of plate carrying vests is made compulsory. All these equipment are part of their products line and make the complete security gear that one could have. The complete range of security product that have been created for Airsoft are truly amazing. They provide layers with complete security and allow them to fully enjoy the gameplay with a relaxed state of mind.
The range of tactical gear and protection equipment that Multicam offers include:
·         Special tear resistant shirt and pant for stopping projectile
·         Tactical water carrier
·         Plate carrier vest for protection against heavier projectiles
·         Grenade pouch and magazine pouch
·         Special tactical pouch for EMT supplies
·         A special outdoor pouch for keeping all electronics equipment safe.
·         Caps and Boonies to protect sensitive skin on the skull
·         Special leg holsters for carrying guns, ammo or other equipment
These products are all created while keeping in mind functionality and security. These war games are popular because players can simulate exciting scenarios in a relatively safe environment. Anything that endangers the players will immediately lead to the game getting bad press and possibly getting banned. These tactical devices and gears are all meant to provide the gamers with the highest possible level of protection. While on the field, players will without a doubt get a scratch or two but that is part of the game. What is important is that no player ever be hurt permanently by a weapon because the security gear failed. The tactical gear also adds to the excitement of the game. Different teams wear different tactical gear and the authentic look that these tactical gears emulate not only adds a sense of excitement to the whole event, but they also allow you to perform a wide range of actions to better fight in the game. The Airsoft community has pledged itself to making the game as safe as possible while striving to maintain the authenticity of the game. 
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